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BF 109 G6 IV./JG54 Black 1 Olt. Ekkehard Bob

BF 109 G6 IV./JG 54 “Grünherz”, Black 1 - Olt. Ekkehard Bob, Pleskau - Russia, February 1944 Ditched in Cherbourg Harbor on 21 March, 1941 in his Bu 131 trainer, due to engine failure. Shot down 23 June, 1941 in Wk# 9207 by his SB-2 victims rear gunner, deep behind enemy lines, but managed to return two days later. Lost another F2 Wk# 12696 "Yellow 1" on 20 August, 1941, when his radiator was hit. Shot down with wounds 17 April, 1943 by B-17 gunners, while flying Werk# 14935 "Yellow 1+I" near Bremen. 1 Bomber (rammed 4/17/43). Approx 700 combat missions. 21 victories in the West. Flew Bf 109E-4 "White 1" of 7/JG-54 in Sept. 1940. His first victory, a Gladiator over Tongeren, 10 May, 1940 while in 3/JG-21 (later 9/JG-54). His 2nd, a Dewoitine at Henin-Lietard on 24 May, 1940. His 5th, a Blenheim 60 km W of Rotterdam on 26 June, 1940. No.10, Hurricane at Eastchurch 8/31/40. Barbarossa pilot, crashing twice behind the lines, but evading capture. His first known Soviet victory, a SB-2 on 23 June, 1941. Downed four SB-3's on 30 June, 1941. Survived the war, and as of 2001, lives in his hometown of Freiburg.

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