Samstag, 28. Januar 2012

BF 109 G2 4./JG 53 White 4 Olt. Fritz Dinger

BF 109 G2-trop 4./JG 53, White 4, Olt. Fritz Dinger, La Marsa Tunisia March 1943 KIA 27 July, 1943 from bomb fragments during an air raid in Scalea Italy. 600+combat missions. WIA 16 August, 1940 during aerial combat 50 km north of Cherbourg and crashing into the Channel (Prien). 50 victories in the East. Escaped injury on 5 October, 1941 in Wk# 7187 after crash landing near Solugubowka resulting from aerial combat damage. His 1st known western victory, No. 12, a Blenheim 6 km NW of Texel on 27 October, 1941. His 1st known Soviet victory, an Il-2 W of Schintovo on 18 August, 1942. A LaGG-3 E Of Kanazov, a P-2 E of Kuserovo and an Il-2, no location, on 19 August, 1942. A MiG-1 on 25 August, 1942. Two Il-2's and an I-180 on 30 August, 1942. A LaGG-3 on 6 September, 1942. Two I-180's on 13 September, 1942. His 12th victory, a Blenheim of RAF No. 114 Sq. 15 km northwest of Texel on 27 October, 1941. One known Med. victory, a Spitfire 5 km east of Zonker Point Malta on 16 October, 1942. Another known Desert victory, a P-38 2 km south of Ferryville on 4 December, 1942. Several victories in Sicily. Bowers/Lednicer, 67 victories. Deceased.

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