Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

BF 109 F4 5./JG 27 Uffz. Hans Niederhöfer

BF 109 F4, 5./JG 27, Uffz. Hans Niederhöfer, Martuba Lybia February 1942 All victories in the Desert. One known victory, a P-40 east of Bir Hacheim on 22 November, 1941. A Hurricane of RAF No. 274 Sq. at El Duda on 1 December, 1941. Another Hurricane of RAF NO. 238 Sq. over Tobruk on 9 December, 1941. A P-40 west of Tobruk on 19 March, 1942. Another P-40 south of Bomba-Bucht on 27 March, 1942. A P-40 in the Sidi Mansur-Bir Habex area on 11 April, 1942. A Hurricane of SAAF No. 40 Sq., piloted by Lt van der Riet, near Bir Hacheim on 5 June, 1942. Later that same day, he downed a British bomber escort in the same area. A Hurricane S of Alamein on 30 August, 1942. Shot down & made a successful force landing in Axis on 31 August, 1942. Injured in a crash 28 October, 1943, north of Insel Harki. Bowers/Lednicer, 12 victories.

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